I am so happy that you have found this slice of heaven on the internet. WELCOME! My name is Allison Walker. I am a believer, dietitian, Pilates instructor, and former DI-strength and conditioning coach who loves Jesus and has a heart for women and teens. I am very passionate about the female body and how it grows and develops through the life cycle. As you can see throughout my site with pictures and posts, I truly, live by example, of what I teach and preach every single day. I have been the teen athlete who knew she wanted to be a dietitian in the 7th grade to seeing myself, with God's help, live out my deep passion helping others with real wellness advice! I have been the 1st female D1 strength and conditioning coach at 2 universities to now running my own private practice and making sure you stay fueled and nourished on a daily basis. My degrees, certifications, and work experience total 25+ years. I have 2 daughters of my own that use what I teach them on a daily basis. (Some days they are more cooperative than others... they are teens. Ha!) I have taken everything I have learned through schooling and life experiences and put my heart and soul into this program.


This is the 'beta launch" from now until 12/31/2021. You will have opportunity to give me real feedback and it allows me to work out the technology bugs for when it launches in January of 2022. 


Where else can you get all your Jesus AND all the real wellness information you can handle?!? None of that drink this and you will lose 10 lbs. or take this pill to suppress your appetite. No how and no way will you get that mess here. I got you girl! Welcome to YOUR CHRISTIAN WELLNESS HEADQUARTERS! God gave you a tongue and teeth for a reason. You are supposed to taste all the wonderful things He has made, but some of us label them as "bad" foods. Now, some of us cannot have certain things for medical reasons (ie food allergy), but 99% of you just stay on some kind of fad diet and I am here to break that cycle!


With this program, I teach Jesus first and foremost with my wellness information. He put it on my heart many years ago this phrase.

"What if you would have been studying my Word as much as you have been studying nutrition

and wellness for all these years. Think of how far in my Word you would of been today." Love, God

He laid it on thick... don't you agree?!?  I was using nutrition and wellness as my idol. He is the foundation of the body. I mean, after all, He is living inside you. As a believer, your body is His temple. We need to take care of His temple so that we can do all the things He has called us to do in our time on earth. Each week you will have a practical investment topic you can implement to help ensure that your body is working at its best! Think beyond drinking more water or eating more fruits and vegetables. There are so many little details that women need to pay attention to and don't only because they were not taught. If you have the knowledge, then you can pass it on to future generations.


My Papaw told me all the time while growing up that...

"Education is powerful! Once you have it, no one can take it away."


I am here to HELP YOU understand the body as a unit. In the medical field, we call this Functional Nutrition or Functional Wellness. There are no meals that you have to buy. No shakes or calorie burn drinks. You will be eating and enjoying real food.


“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭34:8‬ ‭NIV‬‬


Think pre-puberty to menopause. This life cycle of ours is BEAUTIFUL! He created everything about you! Every single cell was formed by Him. You will learn how to understand the process of how our body really functions and this includes those sedentary and active times. You will also know how to help your body heal whether it is from an illness, breaking a bone, or plain over-did it doing yard work. You will be armed with what questions to ask your doctor. No more being told...

  • "You will need to deal with this, because you are getting older."
  • "You will need a hysterectomy to make the pain go away." 
  • "Constipation at your age is normal."
  • "Your daughter needs to be put on the pill." 
  • "Put this steroid cream on the rash until it goes away." 


You! Whether you are a mom, teen, single adult, college student, or empty nester... this program is for you! This program will always point to Jesus while teaching you nutrition and wellness. This program will change the way that you view everything about how your body functions and changes through the life cycle.





  • Devotional nuggets first and foremost to set the tone that our body is the Lord's temple.
  • Each week there will be a Q & A period in the group. You will have the opportunity to submit questions and I will answer them. This chat will feel like we're having a 1-1 chat over coffee, just you and me. Think of each step we take together is 1 step closer to you not getting stuck on the hamster wheel of not knowing what to do.
  • There are weekly and monthly educational pieces to look for in your journey and your family's journey.
  • You will have a great selection of exercise and Pilates videos to praise music.
  • When each person joins, you will have the opportunity to submit what specific things you are looking to learn. This program is for you! You and I will chat about your deepest desires and even fears with aging, growth and development, hormones, and more.
  • Recipes that nourish! You will get a ton of recipes and this does include gluten free dairy free, and more. You will also learn food hacks to take any meal and make it healthy. You will learn how to hide pretty much anything in your food for your family. Can you say "hiding vegetables". Ha! ALL-DAY-LONG!
  • ADDED BONUS - Extra discounts on medical-grade supplements, of your choice, from my dispensary. Supplements are not required, but in some cases you may find that you or someone in your family would benefit from a medical-grade supplement.
  • ADDED BONUS - Discounts on blood tests are only offered in this membership group. Examples: Food Sensitivity Testing, Micronutrient Testing, RA, Cortisol, Hormone Panel, and more.



Did you know that you actually need carbohydrates for hormones to function?

This doesn't mean sugar-filled, non-nutrient dense foods. 



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