Allison Walker, MS, RD, LD, CLT

 Allison Walker is a well-respected fitness and nutrition expert. She a registered dietitian, certified LEAP therapist, Pilates instructor, certified fitness specialist, and motivational speaker. She enjoys every aspect of her private practice!  She has a dedicated passion to teaching in all areas of sports performance, fitness, and nutrition.

Allison states, “It has always been my desire to bring nutrition and fitness together. You cannot have one without the other and obtain your ultimate goal in sports, fitness, or health. I have always lived by my own personal rule to be the example of what I teach others on a daily basis.” Allison enjoys being a motivational speaker. “Having the opportunity to educate a multitude of people at one time has always been a passion of mine!” Allison also enjoys writing for various fitness outlets. “My goal for my wellness platform is to provide health education for everyone that is seeking. Many times I get asked by individuals of how I provide healthy meals all week while also working. I think it is important to be REAL and AUTHENTIC. I want my writing, day to day classes, and speaking engagements to exemplify that my life is just like yours. I want everyone to know how they can provide a healthy lifestyle not only for himself/herself, but also for the family.”

Few Facts About Allison:

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology (University of Southern Mississippi - USM)
  • Master of Science degree in Sport Administration (University of Southern Mississippi - USM)
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics (University of Mississippi - Ole Miss)
  • Started her coaching career at USM when awarded a graduate assistantship
  • First female strength and conditioning coach at the University of Central Florida (UCF)
  • First female strength and conditioning coach at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)
  • Recognized Young Dietitian Award by Mississippi Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (2007)
  • Lighthouse Woman of Achievement Nominee
  • Co-founder of the non-profit fund “Randall Speck Pediatric Special Needs Endowment Fund”; created in memory of her brother (Memorial Hospital Foundation at Gulfport)
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Certified LEAP therapist (specializing in inflammatory conditions related to food sensitivities)
  • Certified Fitness Instructor

* Before starting any workout, doing any exercise tip mentioned, or following any nutritional advice,  please consult your physician about your personal health.