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Have you really ever thought of how you can really order a healthier pizza?  Pizza is a common “fast food” for most on a weekly basis.  I get asked all the time if I ever order my own children a pizza.  The answer is YES I DO!!

In this picture you see a Chicago (square cut) pizza.  1st it is square cut to put the pizza in a better portion for my kids to eat.  2nd, we always order 5 toppings and they are: double ham, double pineapple, and mushrooms. We order “light” cheese – meaning for them to go easy on the cheese and no butter on the crust.

I have found that most pizza establishments put a lot of butter or oil on the crust.  We just do not need the extra calories.  In the bowl, is my version of a healthier garlic butter.  Instead of us using the carton of processed and chemically based “garlic butter sauce”, I take a couple of tablespoons of whipped real butter and add our own salt free garlic and herb seasonings.  Why whipped butter you ask….  In the whipped butter container, 1 tbsp. is only 5 grams of fat.  This butter has been whipped with air so per serving the fat is lower.  I microwave it until it melts and add my own seasonings.  Much more healthy than that stuff that comes in the box.

The kids love it and I never hear any complaints. The question also comes us of why don’t I order thin crust to also cut the calories.  That is a great question!  I am not worried about the calories in the crust.  If you are on a very restrictive meal plan then yes the regular hand tossed pizza crust provides more calories than a thin crust pizza.

We do not order pizza a lot so I always order hand tossed for the kids.  It is more important to me that they feel like all the other kids every now and again than to take away what they believe is the best part of the pizza.  I pick my battles.  Again, cutting it into squares also eliminates large amounts of crust = total calories eaten.

Happy Eating!

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