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It is now July and your kids are constantly saying… “Mom, What’s for dinner?” The same can be said for our spouse. We panic and we are at a loss of ideas.

Kids have now been out of school a month and ideas are slim to none.  I am here to help you go BACK TO BASICS!! Just yesterday, I was tasked with this very thing of what to fix for dinner. As you follow me on this health journey, you will come to know me well.

I do not like to do fast food.  I know! I know!! I just try and avoid it at all costs. So picture this…  we are driving home after I get off work on Friday night. The kids are sooooo ready to eat. We talked on the way home of something quick mama could whip up while they were sweet and went and took baths for me. I get the “uhhhhh”, but then I quickly respond that your hair can air dry why we eat so we can have some much needed family time and watch a movie. That was the magic words…  HAIR CAN AIR DRY!

I quickly unpacked bags of wet towels from camp and lunch boxes full of empty plastic containers and got busy on dinner. It quickly popped in my head of the very basic favorite – THE GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH!  Yes!!!! Quick and easy, but most shun it because of the slices of bread, butter and cheese.

I can hear it now! Oh no!!! I cannot eat all of those carbohydrates!!! Let me change your thoughts! Below is the recipe and picture of a beautifully grilled sandwich, but before you jump there, let me remind you of the beautiful nutrients in a very, simple grilled cheese sandwich.

#1  If you choose whole wheat bread vs. a white bread, then already you have added much needed fiber to your diet and not to mention some B vitamins.

#2  You can use a whipped butter (less fat) to grill that gorgeous bread. You just need a little bit to grease the pan so the bread becomes nice and crisp.

#3  When you eat cheese, you are eating an excellent source of calcium and protein.

#4  We did not use ham, but you could add turkey bacon or ham for extra protein.

**  We added a small bowl of reduced fat ice cream topped off with a drizzle of dark chocolate. (my healthier version of Magic Shell ice cream topping)

** not pictured – the 1 Tbsp. of creamy all-natural peanut butter for a dose of a healthy fat I added




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