“My name is Katherine Young. I am 21 and a senior at Mississippi State. My experience getting my MRT test was overwhelmingly positive. I had been having bad reactions when I ate certain foods or drank red wine. I had no idea that my stomach wasn’t supposed to hurt when I ate apples or yogurt! For the past two years, I have been fatigued. My head and stomach were always hurting. It has affected my college experience, from missing classes to missing social events. Then, I met Allison Walker at Connections Wellness. I had sinus problems and she asked if I was sure it was from the pollen or if I knew of any food sensitivities I might have. I told her about my reactions and she suggested the MRT. She was so helpful in getting my test to me quickly because I had to leave town to go back to school. I got my results and found that I was eating many of the foods I was sensitive to every day! Once I started the set up eating plan, I started feeling so much better. Within a week my headaches and stomach pains were gone and I have had way more energy. The meal plan is set up specifically for you, so the experience is relatively easy. I am so thankful I found Allison and that she introduced me to this test!”


“I am so excited to recommend Allison Walker to you as a leader on your Student Ministry team.  I have personally known Allison for over 12 years as dietitian, fitness leader, wife, mother, daughter and friend.  I have known her mom for to many years to mention and have watched Allison grow into a warrior for Christ.  I think that Allison will be such an asset to your program.  She is a professional and displays the integrity that will be needed in this position.   Allison, is so familiar with the issues that can plague many in these formative years, she will bring this expertise with her as she ministers.  I know that she has had many clients that have been in this age range and many of these have traveled from other cities for her guidance and follow through.”
Again, thank you for this opportunity and would recommend Allison in any capacity that your ministry might find her useful.
Alva Peden