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It has been some time since I have had the opportunity to write.  We are in the process of moving to Madison, MS to be closer to my new job.  This process coupled with starting school has tied up all of my free time.  For the first time in weeks, I had a few minutes to sit down and write.  I have been reading through Ecclesiastes.  With my love for wellness, I enjoy it when verses of health jump off the page.

Ecclesiastes 5:18 states, “Here is what I have seen to be good: it is appropriate to eat, drink, and experience good in all the labor one does under the sun during the few days of his life God has given him, because that is his reward.” Again in 8:15 it states, “So I commended enjoyment because there is nothing better for a man under the sun than to eat, drink, and enjoy himself, for this will accompany him in his labor during the days of his life that God gives him under the sun.”

WOW!!!  At the end of the day, we are to eat, drink, and enjoy life! I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to wellness information.  I enjoy reading textbooks and published journal articles.  Nutrition is always changing. In the past few weeks, I have been listening to webinars from a nutrition conference where published papers are being discussed.  Technology blows my mind with how researchers can figure out on a cellular level how protein is synthesized, for example.  I enjoy taking this published research and providing you the education that you will need to help better your sport, live a healthier life, and increase your I love for your wellness journey.  I LOVE it when I see God’s desire for us through wellness verses in the Bible!  Our bodies are His temple and we should take care of our bodies with that in mind.  I think the wellness side of what God desires for us gets lost a lot of the time.  It is not something I feel we go to the Bible for guidance on in terms of how to live our life on a normal basis.

I am moving for the 8th time in 12 years of marriage.  I know… I know…  8 times!!!!  I take the blame for this one this time.  I took a dietitian / fitness coach position in Madison, MS and it will be much easier for me to be an involved mom with my children being with me in the same town I am working.  So this job and a move brings about A LOT OF CHANGE! My type A personality typically doesn’t handle change well. I have 2 requirements when moving….  1) no bugs and 2) my home gym must be set up before I switch houses. Ha!  Working out is my “ME” time and stress reliever.  It definitely balances me when it comes to us moving.  This move has involved my kids switching to a new school, a new church, a new cheer gym, and us being in a rental home for a year.  This means….  we are moving again within the year… same town thankfully!  I know!!! I am thinking the same thing, but for our family this move makes so much sense for our family being together more. I get to still be an involved parent at school and with their school activities.  If we stayed living in the other home, it would have been a 30 min. drive every time I needed to go to the school.  The downfall is there are partially unpacked boxes all over the house.  We are only unpacking the essentials since we know we are moving again soon.  It is a huge headache to say the least.  I think anyone that has moved with kids know the hoops we are jumping through.  This is a huge blessing also!  We still cannot believe we found a rental home and actually got it.  We found that homes go pretty quickly in this area and, after all, we were looking for a home a week before school started!

Let’s talk fitness and nutrition….  obviously, you can imagine the hurdles we are jumping through.  We have limited choices of food in the house.  We are eating very weird combinations to say the least.  With it being the 1st few weeks of school, my children have been offered a bunch of extra candy and such at school as the “back to school” treat rush.  Thankfully, they both have listened to me over the years and have learned how to portion out their treats so they are not overloaded.  Personally, even though I have been able to work out, it has been mostly cardio.  I haven’t had the opportunity to do much weight bearing activities.  I can tell my body has changed.  I have definitely seen a difference in my tone or just my body composition in the last weeks of us living like this.  My clothes just fit differently.  I go back to the opening verse out of Ecclesiastes.  We have enjoyed ourselves! We have rolled with the changes, but this mama is definitely ready for some structure to return to the Walker household.  Ha! The pictures are  of quick meals that the kids wanted to make.  I believe you know by now that I do not make them pretty.  This is real life! We made the meals and I snapped a picture…. simple as that.  I want moms to know this is what real food looks like when making it really quick and it is healthy!  In the beginning, we were driving from old home, 30 minutes to school in the am so the picture in the plastic container is a sample breakfast they would have to eat breakfast in the car. The other collage is a homemade pizza on whole wheat round bread.  The last pic is of a couple of eggs I microwaved in a round egg container and put on a whole wheat English muffin with a little bit of honey.  They are all still healthy, but we are all ready for some more variety.  We need more color in our meals.  We all need more fruit and vegetables! These meals kept us from using excuses and going through a drive thru for any reason.  My main point for this post is CHANGE IS GOOD! We are all creatures of habit.  I feel it is good for us to be thrown out of our comfort zone every once in a while.  If you are going through a change in your life, do not let the change give you excuses to not eat healthy or not exercise.  You can always find a way to make it work.  It will take preparation on your part.


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In closing, change can be hard if you let it, but change can be awesome if you have the right attitude and roll with your life.  Prepare when you can. I now have my weights at the new rental home. I began immediately adding weight training back into my routine.  I know my cardio sessions were better than nothing and my body still changed, but what if I would have given up exercise all together for the last four weeks?? I cannot stress over my clothes fitting a little different at the moment. My health is still great and I took care of His temple the best way I could have under my changing circumstances.  When change happens we learn to adapt and grow as individuals.  We learn a lot about ourselves when the stresses of life increase.  I LOVE my new dietitian position.  Wellness is my passion.  I love listening and helping those in need that have questions about their workouts and meal planning.  I hope that as you are reading this that you can look at your own life and accept the change that is happening and move forward.  Even in the middle of a hard time in your life, find a way to enjoy your life and look for the blessing.  We have only one life to live.  Take care of His temple the best way you can and make improvements as you can in your wellness journey.

“A wellness journey is like a set of stairs.  Don’t ever reach the top! Life is never the same day to day.”

Allison Walker, MS, RD, LD, RYT    “Breathe” by Jonny Diaz


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